Glad you’re with us!

We want to be on our website a voice for all people who stand up on the island of Crete in many different ways for human well being. With Soulgarden we offer a network for the providers of health-promoting techniques and alternative therapies as well as for suppliers of natural products.

Under the heading “provider” you will find their names and contact details and under the heading “methods” we present the various healing methods and healthy practises briefly. As somebody who is looking for appropriate offers on Crete, you can find in our monthly calendar the offers for the month as well as the dates for regular courses and seminars or special highlights.

As in a natural garden also our Soulgarden sees itself in constant change and expansion. For additions, suggestions or any questions about our subject your are welcome to write us a message.

We are pleased that you have found the way to us and wish you always good health and much joy with Soulgarden!

Important Note: The operator of this website expressly point out that the use of the persons linked processes and applications are not intended as a substitute for professional medical treatments for health problems. The listed and linked data will be used on its own responsibility of the user. The operator of the platform in no way intended to diagnose or provide treatment recommendations In what form and whether our members receive compensation for their services, please talk in a personal conversation. Thank you for your understanding!
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